Our Natural Health


A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

To Be Published on 31st October 2013

RRP: £9.99

Extent: 250 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380082


We apologise, but due to the late release of Running Fitness, the author has had to delay his writing of this book.  As a result, publication of this title has been delayed until October 2013, although we are hoping it will be available sooner.


Our Natural Health is the logical progression of Our Natural Diet.  This book is for anyone interested in their health and wellbeing, and just like Our Natural Diet, is fully supported by the scientific and medical research. 

Our Natural Health is about the physiology of the whole body.  It is divided into sections according to body systems, such as the heart and blood vessels, the muscular system and the digestive system.  Health of the skin, teeth and special senses each get their own mention.  Each section contains chapters that introduce the relevant physiology, and other chapters addressing how best to support the health of the organs and organ systems, and how to prevent disease and degeneration. 

The approach is concerned with optimal health, allowing readers to choose how much they want to apply the recommendations to their own lifestyles.  This book is not about following fad or fashion, but rather how best to apply the latest research for the benefit of total body health.