Our Natural Diet

Optimal Nutrition for Health, Looks and Life



Our Natural Diet is genuinely the resource any health-interested individual will want to own. Written by an academic for general consumption, Our Natural Diet is a breath of fresh air in a world exhausted by lifestyle fad and fashion. This is a no-nonsense approach to real health, where it is far easier to succeed than to fail. The prize is a way of life where we are not merely trying to lose weight and fight disease, but where we can look and feel healthy from inside to out and to truly thrive.


For Health

Our Natural Diet offers a compromise-free approach to healthy nutrition, which in itself is the essential basis for weight-loss and the appearance of good health. Supplements and many diet misconceptions are dealt with, by showing what is really beneficial and what is nothing more than simply 'popular'. Almost all modern diseases stem from similar dietary factors, including a few unlikely culprits. The steps needed to avoid or treat these are no different to those required to help us feel better in ourselves, have more energy, achieve long-lasting weight-loss, and to be able to thrive. The messages of the book work seamlessly and are applicable for everyone, regardless of personal dietary goals and intentions.


For Looks

Looking good is about more than just being skinny. To be as attractive as we can be means being lean, well-toned, and with a healthy colour to the skin. In fact, diets have to be healthy to be maintained, as any nutritive deficiencies lead to cravings, which ultimately cause a diet to fail. People who are very overweight - and perhaps have been for some time - will find it harder to lose weight than others, because aside from the mental challenges there will be metabolic ones too. By following Our Natural Diet, we can lose weight easily and keep it off, whilst promoting a toned and healthy appearance.


For Life

Our Natural Diet is absolutely not a fad diet. Everything about the book is aimed at ensuring people can follow this diet for life. There is no highly restrictive or technical structure to the diet, there are no complicated phases, and if someone strays from the diet then it really will not have any negative effect over the long able to look the way they want and feel better than they might have imagined.term. Our Natural Diet offers long-term success and ease of adherence because it is comprised entirely of the foods our bodies need, meaning there is little chance of having cravings for anything else. People on this diet should be able to look the way they want and feel better than they might have imagined.