Healthy Body Publishing welcomes approaches from potential new authors. We are passionate about managing the quality, accuracy and reliability of information included in our publications, but are confident such attributes should not be too hard to find.
Our key areas of interest are:
   Diet and nutrition
   Fitness Training
   Sports Rehabilitation
   Endurance Exercise
   Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
   General Wellbeing
   Infant and Child Health and Development
If you are interested in being published by Healthy Body Publishing, then please email us the following:
A detailed description of the book, to include:
   Working title
   Number of pages
   Number of illustrations
   Chapter titles and outline of content
Sample chapter
Marketing and promotional information:
   What is the market for this title?
   How do you think this market is best approached?
   What would you do to promote this title?
   An appraisal of which books are the main competition:
      Title, ISBN, publisher, description, market
      Where does your title fit-in to the market?
      Any indication of sales of the other books?
As a small, independent publisher, we are only able to publish a few titles each year, although with growing success we expect this to change.  The information requested above is typical of what most publishers request from prospective authors, so even if we cannot publish your title, the work put in to preparing the above can be sent to other potential publishers.