Our Natural Diet:

Optimal Nutrition for Health, Looks and Life

A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

Published on 31st October 2011

RRP: £9.99 

Extent: 250 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380065


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Our Natural Diet is genuinely the resource any health-interested individual will want to own.  Written by an academic for general consumption, Our Natural Diet is a breath of fresh air in a world exhausted by lifestyle fad and fashion. This is a no-nonsense approach to real health, where it is far easier to succeed than to fail. The prize is a way of life where we are not merely trying to lose weight and fight disease, but where we can look and feel healthy from inside to out and to truly thrive.

Our Natural Diet offers a compromise-free approach to healthy nutrition, which in itself is the essential basis for weight-loss and the appearance of good health. Supplements and many diet misconceptions are dealt with, by showing what is really beneficial and what is nothing more than simply 'popular'. Almost all modern diseases stem from similar dietary factors, including a few unlikely culprits. The steps needed to avoid or treat these are no different to those required to help us feel better in ourselves, have more energy, achieve long-lasting weight-loss, and to be able to thrive. The messages of the book work seamlessly and are applicable for everyone, regardless of personal dietary goals and intentions.


The Marathon des Sables: Marathon des Sables

Ultra Endurance Running in the Heat of the Sahara


A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

Published on 30th September 2010

RRP: £12.99 

Extent: 312 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380051



The Marathon des Sables is widely regarded as the toughtest footrace on Earth. It is a seven-day, multi-stage race in the Moroccan Sahara, during which competitors must carry all their food, clothing and equipment across the ~150-mile course.  This was Mark Hines' first excursion into the world of ultra-endurance adventure races. With a background far removed from endurance fitness, this book catalogues his training, preparation and participation in his first great race. Whilst the subsequent titles on the Jungle Marathon and Yukon Arctic Ultra clearly demonstrate his own evolution into an accomplished runner, the Marathon des Sables was where it all began.  Calling on his background as an exercise physiologist, Mark easily explains the adaptations involved in training for an ultra-endurance event.

More information on this title can be found on our Marathon des Sables page, and the book is available to buy online at Amazon and Waterstone's



The Jungle Marathon: Jungle Marathon

Ultra Endurance Running in the Heart of the Amazon


A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

Published on 31st August 2009

RRP: £12.99

Extent: 328 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380037



The Jungle Marathon is probably the toughest multi-stage footrace in the world. The terrain and combination of heat and humidity make this event far more arduous than races held in desert environments. The Jungle Marathon: Ultra Endurance Running in the Heart of the Amazon, is the story of this epic adventure, told by exercise physiologist Mark Hines. It is about the training and preparation, the extreme physiological consequences of exercise in such a climate, and what it is to race in one of the world's most extraordinary and incredible environments.


More information on this title can be found on our Jungle Marathon page, and this book is available to buy online at Amazon and Waterstone's



The Yukon Arctic Ultra: Yukon Arctic Ultra

Ultra Endurance Adventure Racing
Across Canada's Frozen North


A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

Published on the 30th June 2010

RRP: £12.99

Extent: 488 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380044



The Yukon Arctic Ultra has a strong claim to being the world's coldest and toughest ultra.  In 2007, the race was stopped when temperatures dropped to -72C.  The trail covers more than 430 miles over frozen lakes, rivers, hills and mountains. This book is the story of how exercise physiologist Mark Hines came to be one of the first people ever to complete this epic race.  Mark describes the extraordinary volume of training he undertook in the build-up to the event, and the story of the race is permeated by tales of what many consider to be the 'Spirit of the Yukon'. The pace and distance of this race might easily cause competitors to delve into the very heart of ultra-endurance adventure racing, and this is conveyed by Mark is his contemplations of the psychology and philosophy involved.

More information on this title can be found on our Yukon Arctic Ultra page, and the book is available to buy online at Amazon and Waterstone's.



Human Evolution, Diet and Health:Palaeo Diet

The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition


A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

Published on 31st March 2009

RRP: £9.99

Extent: 235 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380020



The concept of Darwinian medicine is not a new one, yet until recently there has been little interest in how this might be applied to diet and nutrition.  The relationships between modern diet, modern disease and obesity are astonishing. Our most prevalent and devastating diseases are affected by what we eat, and the basis of effective treatment and prevention can be found in the diets of our Palaeolithic ancestors.

In Human Evolution, Diet and Health, Mark Hines examines the relationships in exquisite detail, showing again and again how modern diets can have harmful consequences for the human body. In this antagonism between our genotype and its environment, disease and obesity are not only more likely, but are practically foregone conclusions. The resolution of this conflict, we find, begins with the understanding of our pasts. Humankind's cradle in Palaeolithic Africa was where our genotype evolved, and the modern world is where it must now survive. The findings of this book have far-reaching implications for our future health, well-being, and medicine.


More information on this title can be found on our Human Evolution, Diet and Health page, and the book is available to buy online at Amazon and Waterstone's.


Running Fitness:

The Essential Companion to Training from 10-K to Ultramarathon

A Healthy Body Publishing paperback

To be published on 31st January 2013

RRP: £14.99 

Extent: 300 Pages

ISBN: 978-0955380075

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