Healthy Body Publishing was launched in 2006 with our first title, Built to Last: A New Perspective on Fitness Training for Life. The title had evolved from an original concept to introduce three key aspects of health: physical activity, diet and mental wellbeing. Although written out in full, Real Health was deemed too broad-ranging. Built to Last concerned itself with exercise programmes designed to nurture and promote our physical wellbeing, through a variety of resistance exercises based upon our natural movements.

Within a year we released the first in our in extremis series. The focus was to present a number of titles based upon the most arduous endurance events in the world. From the initial publication of The Marathon des Sables, we subsequently published titles on The Jungle Marathon and The Yukon Arctic Ultra. We also released a new version of the original Marathon des Sables, following feedback, to streamline the sections on training, include a chapter devoted to exercise physiology, and expand the appendix to incorporate race-specific kit advice and other relevant information.

Human Evolution, Diet and Health: The Case for Palaeolithic Nutrition,

was our first popular science book. The diet and nutrition theme will be retold in a less academic and more prescriptive title, Our Natural Diet: Optimal Nutrition for Health, Looks and Life later in 2011.

The race theme will also be developed in 2012 to include Running Fitness: The Essential Companion to Training - from 10k to Ultra-marathon. Later releases may expand upon both dietary and training themes. We are also hoping to find new authors interested in publishing quality titles on health, fitness and wellbeing.